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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                 121

What happiness to others that day must have
brought! Mrs. Tinker (mother of Harvey Aston)
was in prison at the time, with innumerable other
people; amongst them a gentleman dying of a
quinsy in the throat, and given over. On the
delightful news reaching her, she ran to the sick
man, calling out, " Vivez! vivez Monsieur! car
Robespierre est mort." The man was so startled
at this that he burst into a violent fit of hysterical
laughter, which burst the quinsy and saved his life.

This epitaph was made on Robespierre:

" Passant, ne plaignez pas son sort,
S'il cut vecu, vous seriez mort."

M. de Hautefort called on me yesterday and
begged his compliments. All his family were put
to death.

I have written a memoir about Sir Sidney
Smith, much approved of by Lord M. I myself
think it well done, and hope it will make an
impression, for the Directory are much relaxed
about Sir S. He has now the whole of the

His temper was irascible, his character pusillanimous, and
his talents limited; but his ambition was immeasurable,
and his blood-thirstiness and depravity insatiable." Provi-
dence, after permitting him to desolate France during several
months, at length held forth its avenging hand. He was
guillotined upon the 27th July, 1794 (gth Thermidor), in
his 36th year.